The Fielder Principle

Hosted ByGary Fielder

Dominion class action lawsuit updates.

Episode 05: The Sovereign People and the Public Persons

Returning to the basics of the legal and philosophical theory of human and sovereign rights in the 5th Episode of The Fielder Principle.


Gary Fielder helps the American People remember what we are from our original nature as autonomous and Sovereign People and the capacity for our expression out in the public world as Persons. This formula was laid out for us by our Founding Fathers so that we might understand the associated duties and responsibilities we have to our country, our neighbors, and ourselves. This new podcast series sets out to engage with the public on a regular basis in order to educate the American voter about how the Constitution protects the only shared national right of every citizen, to vote for the President and Vice President, and how Dominion Class Action was designed to enforce the Constitution and defend voting rights. We have a new website for the podcast hosted on and you can subscribe to future episodes on your favorite podcast app. For more information about this historic lawsuit and to donate visit


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